Essay: Sampling Method for Research

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Essay: Sampling Method for Research

We will be taking Non-probability sampling technique under which we will use Convenience sampling method. The selection of sampling units is left primarily to the interviewer. The justification for using this method is that in this technique the population elements are purposively selected based on the judgment of the researcher and availability of the information and people. The sample size taken is 25 for McDonalds and 25 for Microsoft.

Our data will be based on primary and secondary data.

•The methods of data collection chosen are surveys (questionnaires specifically). The questionnaire has closed ended questions and just one open ended question which are for suggestions/opinions by the person filling the questionnaire. Likert scale has been used in the questionnaire.


Factors to employee satisfaction: pay, skills, personal development, job security etc.
Organizational Culture variables: career development, learning type in the work setting, Job to personality fit, recruitment process etc.
Organizational Variables: Firm size, type of industry, environment etc.
Composition of workforce: women, ethnic groups, castes etc.

Software employed

The software which we would take help of is spreadsheet and SPSS as they would be beneficial in working on the data to get the desired results.

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