Essay: Need of sales persons in stores

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Essay: Need of sales persons in stores

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Therefore they really don’t know what is going inside the polished consumer’s head, someone who has tried all the brands and is comfortable and wants to buy only one. Therefore for the experienced cosmetics shopper who just wants to fetch a particular lipstick or nail color, the arrangement and accessibility is of no use as they can merely ask for the required product at the counter.

Moreover, ladies want the opinion of others when they are buying make-up to gauge how they look to others rather than to themselves. In that they require the need of sales persons who are available at normal stores at the drop of a hat. Additionally many women shoppers who are there to buy make-up or toiletries for themselves have a special bond with a particular sales person, whom they look up to for fashion advice and the latest trends. Also because the women would like to know how to use some of the new offerings, or how to best use a product to highlight some of their facial features, they want the sales person who is a regular for them to be around.

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