Essay: Russian Triz thinking tool.

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Essay: Russian Triz thinking tool.

This tool has the ability to present to the project knowledge and skills from known work. That is by using past knowledge from work that has already been created one can draw examples for their own project.

This theory proposes that someone has already solved the problem and the finding of the solution to that solution and applying it to the problem.

Problem contradiction: the creation of a cartoon character that is unique and deals with everyday issues in the society, this character has to be unique from the already existing characters.

Unfortunately since this is the first attempt at the problem there are inherent problems to the creation. However it is not the first time that a carton character has been created, therefore drawing from other creator’s experiences this stage should present solutions to the problem.

According to the drawingcoach, the creation of a carton character should begin with the creation of their personality. This is achieved by asking questions like:

  1. What style of clothes is won?
  2. Is the character based on a known person?
  3. What frightens them?
  4. What foods do they like?

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