Essay: Run Away Bride

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Essay: Run Away Bride

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The movie Run Away Bride was released in the year 1999, it runs for 1 hour and 56 minutes. It is about a story about a young woman known as Maggie Carpenter, who is afraid of getting married to the extent of leaving her grooms waiting for her in the church and runs away never to come back (Common Sense Media Inc.)

We meet Ike Graham who is a writer with paper in New York, U SA who is already late to submit his story to his editor, something he does almost everyday. In his favorite joint, he comes across a drunken man who gives him the story of Maggie. In a hurry to beat his deadline, he writes an offensive story without doing any research about it. Coincidentally the drunk who gives him the story happens one of the men abandoned by Maggie at the altar and exaggerates the as a form of revenge. Ike’s former wife who happens to be his boss fires him the following day for writing a column without any facts. Since he needs his job back, he decides to look for Maggie and do a real story on her wedding escapades. Maggie on the other hand, is trying to tie the knot for the fourth time and Ike foresees it failing (Leong).

Ike travels all the way from New York to Hale Maryland to for Maggie to get first hand information. Maggie has already left three men at the alter and is planning to do a fourth wedding to local high school football coach known as Bob. Almost everybody in the neighborhood is talking badly about Maggie because of her deeds. When Ike finds his target, he hovers around her like a vulture to see everything for himself. Ike gets the chance to convince Maggie to overcome her fear and settle down with Bob. Ike happens to be looking for love since he is already divorced and he starts being attracted to the run away bride but he keeps it to himself because her wedding arrangements with Bob are underway.

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