Essay: The Rules of Soccer

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Essay: The Rules of Soccer

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In soccer, there are many rules that govern the spectators, the referees, the players, team doctors and the team managers. It is worth noting, since time in memorial, the rules of soccer have always been changed to make it more interesting and fair, i.e. make it more human. Cases of violence and even fans or the players killed by as a result extreme reactions due to decisions made by the referee or if a losing team cannot comprehend that, it has lost.

Many factors result to violence during a soccer match. Many soccer-governing bodies try every day to reduce those chances of violence while preaching the gospel of fair play. It is essential to note that every continent has its own soccer governing body, for instance, the soccer governing body for Africa is referred to as the Confederation of African Football while that of Europe is referred to as the Union of European Football Association.

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