Essay: Root Causes of Crime

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Essay: Root Causes of Crime

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Various criminological theories demonstrate the root causes of crimes and how individuals react with regard to punishments. It is necessary that a crime is resolved through application of these theories to enhance a fair platform. Certain theories stand against others making it relatively easy to deal with the root causes of crime through the outstanding ones.

Despite the fact that modern crimes differ so much from the ancient ones, crime theories remain relevant in formulating policies that can curb crime. The ability to come up with these policies is guaranteed by accurate studies of crime parameters such as prevalence in specific groups. Psychological factors that influence criminals are also very important to fight crime. These factors can be used to tackle crime at the lowest level and possibly reduce or eliminate crime. Proper correctional facilities can also enhance effectiveness of war against crime. Unless offenders are well informed about possible repercussions or punitive risks, it is going to be very difficult to fight crime.

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