Essay: Romantic Movement in Candide

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Essay: Romantic Movement in Candide

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Wordsworth is a renowned poet of the 1790’s and the 1800s where by he has wrote very many poems with consistent themes supported by a very good language and imagery. He argues that poetry ought to be done in a common natural language but not in elaborate and lofty dictions which where thought to be poetic during those days. He brings the idea that the chief idea of poetry should be pleasure and should be done through a beautiful and rhythmic expression of emotions (Wordsworth 54). Though the English language has made significant changes his work is easily understood up to now.

Most of his poems are about the memories of childhood in the minds of adults like in his masterpieces “Intimations of Immortality” and “Tintern Abbey”. He uses metaphors to mix religious scenery to natural scenery. In the sonnet, he describes evenings to being as “quiet as a nun” (Walcott 123). His poems are the ones that were the first on romance because he emphasized on pleasure, feelings and instincts above mannerisms and formality.  Though many poems are inclined towards the future, Wordsworth’s poems are about the past-lost glories as evidenced in the sonnet.

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