Essay: Role of Parents in avoiding Teen Pregnancy

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Essay: Role of Parents in avoiding Teen Pregnancy

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Aside from this the parents can also play a major role in educating their children about prevention. This can be done by openly discussing the topics with the children and inviting any inquiries and questions that may have. Mover the parents would also need to provide justifications for the reasons as to why contraceptives and safe sex should be employed, and for this they should have specific prevention education material which they can provide to their children. In this manner it would be possible for the community as well as tall those interacting with the teenagers to help reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy by providing them specific education pertaining to the use of contraceptives and other prevention methods.

 A study by Goldwin & Katz in 2002 pertained to the power of the pill and other oral contraceptives as a main contributor in the decision made by females for their careers and their marriages. The study conducted a “descriptive time series and formal econometric evidence that exploit cross-state and cross-cohort variation in pill availability to young, unmarried women, establishing the “power of the pill” in lowering the costs of long-duration professional education for women and raising the age at first marriage” (Goldwin & Katz, 2002). The oral contraceptive was passed by the FDA in the 60s however the popularity of the pill was established in the 1970s with the independent lifestyle enjoy by the people and especially the teenagers.

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