Essay: Role of US in Palestine Israel Conflict

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Essay: Role of US in Palestine Israel Conflict

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In order for US to ensure that there is peace the two sides, it has to work with the international organizations, the Saudi Arabia, (Arabs) and other superpowers to negotiate with both Palestine’s and Israel to maintain land integrity of Palestine’s and guarantee the security of Israel. It may be crucial to install international forces or even build a wall between Israel and Palestine. Since most of the Palestine’s infrastructure has been vandalized by the Israel forces, just as America has misused taxpayers money to lend or aid to Israel, it should also invest in rebuilding Palestine once a peace deal is arrived at. US should further focus on ensuring stability rather than promoting war.

To the citizens of Palestine, peace can be defined as the ceasing of military attacks on civilians, ability to access basic needs like water, food and medical attention across borders without much restriction. To the Americans, peace can be defined as the ability to access better or best medical facility, access to quality and safer products in the market while ensuring security from any kind of attacks.


However, tension between the Israel and Palestine has continued for a long period, the neighbors and the internationals organization along with the US needs to work together and broker peace. Bring peace may be a hard but no matter how long this will take, its an objective that needs to be achieved to end the decades of suffering of the innocent civilians of the two nations.

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