Essay: Role Models for Growing Children

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Essay: Role Models for Growing Children

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Raising children up is a very complicated affair for any mother or father. Though children ought to be raised in a loving environment, this does not mean that their parents should not reprimand them when they err. Children and especially teenagers ought to be made to understand their mistakes before they are punished. If a parent proves to be too soft in the eyes of his or her kids, there might be disastrous results in the behaviors of the kids being raised up. If your teenager is against all that you tell him or her to do then it is wise to take teach them the risks that are involved in their behaviors. The bottom line is you can use all the means possible to make them understand that their untoward behavior is dangerous to them even if it means spanking.

Though it is written in the bible that, you spare the rod, you spoil the child that does not mean that spanking your children every now and then will make them more responsible. A kid will always be a kid, so if he is not shown love and care, which, he ought to get from the parents, then he will look for it from somewhere else. The most important thing when raising a kid is to give him a chance to say why he did anything that the parent thinks is wrong. If the kid is not given an opportunity to tell his side of the story, then he will loose confidence that he ought to have in his parents. Parents should always be the role models for their growing children since if they are not the child will go astray. Children need love and affection from their parents and they should be considered when decisions about them are being made.

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