Essay: The role of Infliximab in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease

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Essay: The role of Infliximab in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease

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Infliximab has gone a long way in changing the treatment of the Crohn’s disease since it was introduced. It is commonly used both for the treatment of intestinal as well as perianal fistulas. It is also important in maintaining remission on patients who have already achieved the state. An injection of the drug on a patient suffering from complex perianal condition is effective after just a few minutes. Hanauer (8) observed that the drug could be used in treatment of small bowel obstructions as well as intestinal complications. The best thing about the drug is that it does not have systemic effects on the user.

.After the mediators of inflammation were identified, a pharmacological research was conducted which was aimed at developing biological drugs specifically for killing the mediators. An immunoglobulin was genetically engineered which resulted to the drug infliximab. The drug helps in binding the human TNF and thus gives the human tract a chance to fight the disease.  It is however important to note that the long-term effects of the drug are not known yet but it is effective in the treatment of this condition.

The most important thing to note is the fact that infliximab should be used together with other drugs since it has its own negative side effects. As much as a Crohn’s patient should be treated one should know that the condition is incurable and thus it is should just be maintained for the benefit of the patient. Maintaining remission in a patient is the best thing that can happen to that patient.

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