Essay: Road Through the Rainforest

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Essay: Road Through the Rainforest

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The economic transformation among the Awa people of highland Papua New Guinea in the book Road Through The Rain Forest cannot be ignored. The people of Awa in Papua New Guinea initially focused on traditional agricultural practices. These practices were mainly to grow food for family consumptions, however, with civilization; they began growing agricultural for commercial purposes. This economic transformation came along with some disadvantages on the land of the Awa. This brought land reforms and people began to grow crops in large scale and soil erosion was evident on the remote slopes of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Though the people become financially empowered, the lands were overused and many people became landless even though in the early years before civilization, the land was owned communally.

However, the lines of communication that were constructed, the people could travel fast. This means that they could save more time and use their time in other economic activities. The road construction would make them to access the civilized societies. The access to the business malls, schools and other government amenities could enable the people of the highland of Papua New Guinea. The investment in the new forms of trade-catalyzed globalization and these people would engage in the international trade.  This new line of trade is expected to have great impact to the society of Papua New Guinea since through the innovations and inventions in the society, the new technology would make the people to employ this efficient technology and ensure that the limited resources are used efficiently.

In reference to the lives of the indigenous people of New Papua Guinea, there were no intertribal marriages and one could only marry from their tribe. However, with the bringing of civilization, there began to be intermarriages and the various people from different ethnic backgrounds could intermarry freely.

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