Essay: Risk of complications from Gallstones

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Essay: Risk of complications from Gallstones

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Risk of complications from gallstones while awaiting elective Cholecystectomy

Several complications arise when patients are kept waiting for surgery or any specialized treatment. The problems that the customers face range from health related to increased cost for their treatment.  Among the effects that one is susceptible to while awaiting specialized treatment are “competing events of surgery, pre-operative death, unplanned emergency admission or cancellation of surgery for other reasons.”(Sobolev et al 2006) Though it is not a good idea to keep patients waiting for specialized treatment, it is worthy noting that the cases of death because of waiting are minimal. The cost of treatment increases when patients are kept waiting for long in the hospitals or when they are forced to seek readmission in cases of the complications.

It is of paramount importance to note the families o the patient waiting for surgery are subjected to untold suffering as they ponder on what might happen to their loved one. It would be very saddening for a patient to be put on the waiting list when he or she is suffering from a heart disease, a condition that can lead to death at any given time. In order to quantify the risks involved when patients are told to wait for treatment, all the other risks involving the patient should be ignored and consider a single primary risk. When considering only one risk, Kaplan-Meier method can be applied to produce a hypothetical risk that is involved in the wait. If a patient is established that he or she is ready for a certain treatment steps should be undertaken to ensure that the patient is treated as soon as possible.

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