Essay: Rising Issue of Cyber Bullying

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Essay: Rising Issue of Cyber Bullying

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Apart from traditional bullying, cyber bullying is also on the rise (High, 2011). This form of bulling is new but very emotionally and indirectly injurious too. Many people cannot comfortably use the internet for fear of meeting with cyber bullies who might insult them through writing unpleasant comments to them.

Social websites such as face book and twitter are the most preferred by bullies to intimidate other people. This phenomenon has yielded in what the criminal justice system describe as cyber crime. Many countries for example Canada have come up with laws targeting to fight this vice. This kind of bullying harms technology utility hence inconveniencing users.

Medics have also joined the list of professionals in assessing the harm caused by bullying. They suggest that increased anxiety, loneliness, depression, low self-esteem, and many other emotional torments decrease the body’s abilities to face off illnesses therefore making bullying victims more susceptible to sickness.

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