Essay: Rising against the Glass Ceiling

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Essay: Rising against the Glass Ceiling

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Glass ceiling has been evident in the over many generations, however, with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination has slowly been fading away though it is not completely eroded. The equality lobby groups have been working tirelessly to ensure that women get equal opportunity just like the men. It is through the women enrolment in schools and training that has enabled them to take the management responsibility and be accepted by their male counterparts.

Globalization has also played a key role in ensuring that the women rise against the glass ceiling and overcome the traditional roles of women. It is apparent that women are overcoming the glass ceiling since presently, there are many women leaders who are leading large organizations and governments. Examples of current women leading governments and great organizations includes Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton, Winfrey Oprah and Wangari Maathai, just to mention but a few.  Though women are overcoming the glass ceiling, they need to be aware about the glass cliff, a term referring to a situation where the women are assigned some risky positions. Women need to be psychologically be prepared to meet all the challenges that arise and support one another. Incase the women support each other in their professional, the glass ceiling for the American woman will be history. Though the legal framework was amended to protect the women against glass ceiling, the women need to work a step further to ensure that they are not considered as secondary US citizens otherwise, “Anything may happen when womanhood ceases to be a protected occupation…” (Woolf 558)

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