Essay: Riots in South Africa World Cup

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Essay: Riots in South Africa World Cup

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Taking into consideration that the World Cup finals are being held in South Africa in this year, 2010, there are high chances of riots since South Africa (SA) World Cup finals is not exceptional from others. Though SA is among the mist developed countries in the Africa, it is yet to join he developed world. In the recent past, there have been cases of security concerns and xenophobia. The security concerns have already likely to be a major issue of concern during the World Cup finals in SA and the SA security authority’s needs to keep an eye on the hooligans if this global tournament is going to be a success.

Though the World Cup finals began a couple of days ago, there have been reported cases of riots in the stadiums and outside stadiums. The greatest concern is the fact that the authorities, stewards, responsible to maintain order in the stadiums are among the people rioting demanding higher pay. There has also of a case of explosion outside Durban Stadium. These incidences are an indication of things to come and the respective authority’s needs to tighten their belts.

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