Essay: Revised Nursing Work Index

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Essay: Revised Nursing Work Index

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In order to reduce the chances of nursing leaving their jobs there ought to be a good management in the places of their work. This will motivate the nurses and give them a reason to stick to their work and work diligently. A study conducted by Bogaert et al (2009) to show the relationship between Maslach Burnout Inventory and nurse practice environment which was measured using Revised Nursing Work Index. All the nurses whether in general practice, intensive care units or surgical rooms from high technology hospitals in Belgium were asked to voluntarily fill anonymous questionnaires.

The hospitals being researched had about six hundred beds and a single person was assigned the responsibility of issuing and collecting the questionnaires from each of the two hospitals. This was done for a period of four weeks. Although there were 689 respondents, only 401 questionnaires were acceptable. Several demographic issues were put into consideration and they included gender, age, years in nursing, schedule of their work, their family situations as well as the distance of commuting to and from. The questionnaires gave the nurses an opportunity to say whether they agreed with certain terms and conditions in their working environment.

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