Essay: Responsibility and accountability in Engineering Ethics

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Essay: Responsibility and accountability in Engineering Ethics

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Giving an account of one’s action either before or after a task is very important in avoiding conflicts not only human but also professional Herkert (2000, p. 38). Engineers should be able to explain their activities as this incorporates a wide rage of thinking abilities from both professional and non-professionals.

Therefore, proper decisions can be taken to reduce chances of calamities related to human errors happening. This keeps harm to humans and the overall society at bay and at the same time cause less or no harm to existing cultures, environment, and the globe in general. It also deters damage to science itself as the people may reject any technological advances to their problems if the previous ones caused damage (40).

Incase of any disasters because of engineering errors, professional in this field should be able to come out in public and clearly explain such events as not all disasters in matters engineering are a result of mistakes. Such ethical efforts will retain the much-needed faith in this field thus boosting the overall development of the country.

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