Essay: Response to a poem

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Essay: Response to a poem

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem entitled “How Do I Love Thee” and Dorothy Parker’s poem entitled “One Perfect Rose” are two poems that are related in their main theme since they do not talk about pure love but love with anger. In Browning’s poem, the narrator is seen to love with passion showing how she loves someone who has left her and is thus very angered and grieved of the situation. Since the narrator is seen to love with her childhood’s faith, there is a proof that she is not experiencing good times in her adulthood and thus can only make it to smile by remembering her good childhood memories. In the second poem by Parker, the narrator shows the first two stanzas being full of sweet memories misleading the reader to think that the main theme is that of pure and sweet love. However, in the next two stanzas, it is clear to the reader that all what has been talked of in the first two stanzas is bitter and sarcastic account of the past.

These two poems are related in meaning and make me remember the life I used to live some two years ago when I had no family to rely on and felt like I was all alone in the world. I could spend most of the time remembering the sweet times I used to share with my mother and sister who died in an accident. To make my life continue, I had to pretend that I could feel them in my life once again, and I felt like I loved them with a passion. I had to live a life full of dreams, as I had to live out of memories.  This type of live keeps one feel happy, as he is able to survive.

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