Essay: Resources in the IT Department

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Essay: Resources in the IT Department

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Taking into account that the IT department is the most dynamic department in a firm, it needs to ensure that it makes the optimal use of the available resources. The resources in the IT department include the human capital, physical resources and the financial resources. To guarantee that the IT department gets more accomplished, the staff needs to be trained continuously so that their skills do not get obsolete since the IT industry changes day after day. More so, the staff needs to be motivated in a variety of ways in order to be satisfied.

Besides the good compensation, the employees need to be offered allowances and benefits, which will enable them to offer the IT department their best. The training enables career development and is an input to the firm.  Performance appraisal and promotions needs to be done on merit and the staff needs to be ensured that they work as team. The head of the IT department need to ascertain that the IT staff communicates effectively irrespective of the cultural, national or religious background so that they work as a team. Through this, the It department will accomplish its responsibilities with the existing resources.

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