Essay: Resolving differences in an amicable manner

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Essay: Resolving differences in an amicable manner

Hence, only through the use of logic did the two manage to attain some common ground and seek a possible solution to the issue which was being faced by them. The two parties were caught in a position of having to explain their respective positions to the other in clear terms which could result in certain understanding from both sides rather than acting as fierce opponents in a battle of will which had not resulted in anything but in a worsening of the entire conflict. (William, 2000)

Hence, the situation had become one of where the parties had no option available but to seek a solution whereby the parties could resolve their differences in an amicable manner. Create a free flow of information. (Fisher,1997).

The two parties had to make some attempt to understand the other one’s needs and objectives, while at the same time emphasizing the commonalities which existed between the parties in order to minimize the differences which existed between both and lastly, to search for solutions which met the objectives and goals of both of the parties.

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