Essay: Recent Researches on Eating Disorders

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Essay: Recent Researches on Eating Disorders

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The recent researches on eating disorders studies done by Stanford, (2002); McCabe, (2002); Reiger, (2005) and Orosan, (2008) have developed a more complex study that investigated perceptions between individual and those of the other sex; add emphasis to increased body dissatisfaction as risk factor for developing eating disorders. For instance many women within the society today assume that members of the other sex (male) desire women with smaller bodies rather than larger ones. In other words, subsequent messages from peers and sex preferences have been rated as significant factors in the dissatisfaction body image for females by these studies.

Empirically, the US cultures today place high standard on body image and attractiveness as important factors in measuring the individual’s success to ladies. To this effect, Reiger, (2008) reiterates that “unless our media network in US changes the model’s beauty outlook in their adverts; then, fight against disorders of eating are in vain”

The second category of psychological researchers and their studies (Chandler, 1997; Gleaves, et al., 2000; Wilfley, et al., 1996; Herzberger, 1998; Halpern, et al., 1999) are guided by notion that body image and weight dissatisfaction is concerned with development of the eating disorders.

The third category, are guided by concerns that eating disorders develop on the basis of impact of cultural norms, perceptions and expectations have on the value of beauty and attractiveness in western industrial nations (Kemper, 1996; McCabe, 2002; Williams & Cororve, 2000; Orosan, 2005).

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