Essay: Research on Social Network

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Essay: Research on Social Network

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It is interesting to note that multilingualism is treated as an anomaly in popular thought and in linguistic theory. It is assumed that monolingualism is a natural human condition. This commonly held belief does not hold up to critical analysis. Most of the people around the world speak and understand more than one language.

One of the main focal points of western political thought is the belief that each ethnic group has a single shared language and by virtue of this fact each ethnic group is entitled to autonomy (Gal, 2007). As highlighted by the aforementioned examples, the subject and his family were able to settle down physically in the cosmopolitan setup ofAdelaideand shared multiple languages with those around them. The subject’s Czech friend for example shared an understanding and appreciation of Czech and English, thus the concept of a single language for each ethnicity does not hold ground.

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