Essay: Research Results on Eating Disorders

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Essay: Research Results on Eating Disorders

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Research results shall be based on the collected data analysis in accordance with research questions.  Therefore, sub section of data analysis within this section shall analyze the results in accordance with formulated research questions.

Data Analysis

The formulated research questions purpose to examine the relationship between: (1) body image discrepancy among young female adults, (2) eating disorders using body dissatisfaction and drive for thinness and (3) ethnic identity. In addition to that, age, race, socioeconomic status variables shall be examined. Thereafter, the MANOVA (multivariate analysis of variance) (Reiger, 2008, p. 269), shall be used as overall statistical test of the effects of socioeconomic status, age, and race on Ethnic identity, body dissatisfaction and drive for thinness.

The result shall be analyzed in accordance with research questions in the following preceding order.

Research Questions

Research question one; is there relationship between ethnic identity, attitudes and behaviors measured by Drive for thinness and Body dissatisfaction to development of eating disorders?

After which correlation analyses for both black and white participants will be used to determine the outcome.

The order follows for all five research questions respectively.

However, to my opinion the outcomes may not reflect the relationship between disordered eating behavior and age factor. But, on the basis of racial groups score, I expect the Black participants to score low on subscale of disordered eating measure and high on the measure of ethnic identity as opposed to White participants. This is in accordance with my review of literature on the passed studies which I have qualitatively analyzed.

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