Essay: Research Respondent’s Interaction

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Essay: Research Respondent’s Interaction

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One form of code switching that was observed in the subject’s interaction took place in a social situation such as the arrival of a new person while the subject was conversing with a friend. Two incidents are pertinent in this regard and need to be mentioned.

One of the incidents involved social situations where the subject communicated with two of his closest friends. One of the friends was a Czech that is he belonged toCzechoslovakiaand a native Czech speaker with sufficient understanding of English to use it for everyday communication. The second friend was a British citizen. The subject was able to converse easily with his British friend in English and found it easy to do so; however both the subject and his British friend would switch to English in the presence of their Czech friend. This brings to the fore the fact that the subject and his friend’s tendency to switch to a common language in the presence of their Czech friend was a sign of their group membership and shared ethnicity.

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