Essay: Research Method in Language Analysis

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Essay: Research Method in Language Analysis

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The subject along with other colleagues was being taken to task by his boss for shoddy work; this led the subject to remark about this uneasiness with the situation to another friend in Arabic. The boss who did not understand Arabic took the innocuous remark as an insult and threatened the subject of dire consequences.

It has been observed that bilinguals particularly find it easier to discuss certain topics in one code as compared to another. This is because they have internalized the language of a particular topic in consideration and find it difficult to express concepts related to the topic in their native language because of lack of knowledge of any viable alternative in the native language to the words used to learn the topic. Code switching at times is deliberate and planned but at other times it tends to be random and the person doing the switching is not even aware that he is switching between codes. Unplanned switching leads to a situation where on being pointed out the person doing the switching would apologize and condemn code switching. Utterance of sentences in mixed Arabic and English by the subject was referred to as ‘broken up’ by third party observers. Thus ostensibly code mixing was considered to be a derogatory habit.

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