Essay: Research on English and Arabic Languages

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Essay: Research on English and Arabic Languages

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Almost all the six thousand languages in the world belong to one or more than one ethnic group however ethnic identity is not necessarily defined by the language used for communication. Speakers usually use code switching to indicate ethnic identity. Code switching is the switching from one language to another within a single speech situation (Wolfram, 2007).

This usually entails that members have the grammatical competence to switch from one language to another when the need arises. Our subject had control over three different languages namely English and Arabic. The subject was seen to switch between various language varieties depending upon who he is talking to, where the conversation is being carried out and the context of the conversation and the reason or topic of conversation. It would be interesting to define and explain the factors that lead to code switching for the subject during a conversation.  “Code-switching relates to, and sometimes indexes social-group membership in bilingual and multilingual communities” (Holmes, 2000).

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