Essay: How the Requisite Technologies of Biopower were Developed

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Essay: How the Requisite Technologies of Biopower were Developed

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Foucault discusses in considerable detail how the requisite technologies of biopower were developed. Classified under two headings, first is the technology of dominants acts and essentially on the body to classify and the objectivity individuals development is a disciplinary blocks e.g. prison, hospitals and school. In so far these objectives’classfications are adopted and accecepted by individuals so that their self’s are also constituted.

Second is the belief now common in the western culture that it is possible to reveal truth about onsets by telling the truth is both therapeutic and is controlling. Eventually according to Foucault, we learn how to do things to ourselves. He refers to the conjoint effects of these two technologies as govern mentality. He argues that human life and actions are predetermined.  He therefore uses events as a way of arguing against metaphysical sciences in the history.

Examination of the situation of people existing on the margins of society is one of the mainstreams of Foucault’s work. His analysis focuses on the negative structures of society for instance excluded groups and the rights of the proletariat who are the workers as opposed to the traditional approaches, which mainly focused on the mainstream. Life should be protected at all cost. Individuals or groups should not be excluded in the society according to the economic status but instead treated equally.

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