Essay: Requirements of IATA

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Essay: Requirements of IATA

Another problem that is being posed by some countries is that they are continuing to demand certificates of origin in their actual form and refuse to accept any other document in its lieu. Therefore IATA is trying to work with these governments and is going to start a campaign to make these countries understand the importance of eliminating paper documents and streamlining all documents and requirements so that the process are uniform and efficient.

This will not be an easy task as many countries, as a means of constraining imports and creating informal, unofficial barriers to imports increase the legalities in importing so that the transfer of goods is automatically restricted.

On the other hand if IATA is able to convince governments to change their requirements, many more documents are there that will need to be restructured.

Among the list of documents that will change form are:

The air waybill, [the list includes] flight and house manifests, import and export goods declarations, and customs release documents. (Conway, 2009)

However, many airlines that have adopted the system have already started providing documents as per the requirements of IATA which shows their interest in the e-freight system that promises to make their business processes smoother.

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