Essay: Requirement of cable technology

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Essay: Requirement of cable technology

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The cable technology requires the device to be tethered to the electronic device for use where as new devices such as mobile phones, which bank upon mobility, cannot use this technology in numerous areas. On place where they are made use of is in data transfer between mobile phones and personal computers where transmission of large files is required at a high speed. This use too, it must be said, is more because of necessity than absolute advantage as there are no relevant and low cost but high speed alternatives available. Should a high speed wireless technology emerge, mobile phone companies would probably find themselves shifting over to it. In this fast moving world, mobility is crucial for many people.

There is also the disadvantage in terms of cost when communicating devices are large in number. Whereas wireless technology may require individual chips, each device will require its own cable which adds to the cost as the distances in the network increase. Furthermore, a cable transmits signals one bit at a time. For faster communication, parallel technology can be utilized but this would add massively to costs as multiple cables would be required across the same distance (William).

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