Essay: A report on women in leadership

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Essay: A report on women in leadership

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Details of the Research Environment

A number of business environments were used in the research process. A population of three hundred persons, both men and women were used as a research population. The research carried out to establish all relevant issues related to women and leadership mainly utilized questionnaires in the data collection process (Anne, 2002). The three hundred people surveyed, most of them being women were offered an objective survey. This was crucial as it helped in authenticating the whole study. Indeed the assessment of the views of women and the study of the available secondary data enabled the researcher to better evaluate issues related to the research topic and fully formulate better answers with credence to the overall recommendations.

1.7 Research hypotheses

In order to fully formulate the answers to the problem of study, a hypothesis was formulated with the sole intention of ensuring that better and a more realistic research scope is defined. The hypothesis, “Women are equal to men, have greater leadership capabilities and have very vital leadership roles in the society”, was used in the research study. This hypothesis was therefore tested to ensure the problem of study was fully addressed (Spillane, et al., 2004).

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