Essay: Repair and Deducts Law

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Essay: Repair and Deducts Law

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In addition to that, there is another option that can be of help to these tenants to maintain their place, and update the conducive conditions that they require for their satisfactorily and comfortable stay. This is the option of repair and deducts law (Janet, 2008, pp. 212).  This is a law that permits the tenant to hire someone to make repairs and then to deduct the cost from the rent. This can only be effective and taken in a legal perspective when the tenants have written a notice to the landlord that requires him to comply with repair and maintenance duties, if not the tenants shall hire someone to fix the repair and pay from rent or deduct on the rent.

However it should be noted that the deductions that are made from the rent should not exceed the monthly rent. But the rates placed upon by the local, state, national and international law varies across the board. For instance Chicago ordinance limits tenant’s repair in relation to the repair and deduct is $500.

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