Essay: Relocation of Riordan Manufacturing from Hangzhou to Shanghai

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Essay: Relocation of Riordan Manufacturing from Hangzhou to Shanghai

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The relocation of the Plant from Hanzhou to Shanghai entails the removal and transfer of machinery; housing and offices as well as staff to a new location. The demolition of the initial structures and the disassembling of machinery for translocation are the key exercises of this relocation. Planning the exercise is key to its successful implementation. It is important to strategize for the exercise with a view to minimize losses, pilferage, unnecessary damage as a result of mishandling, and process inefficiency.

Project Charter:

The charter for the relocation exercise entails the details of the process as well as the justifications for the sequence of all operations. The justification for the relocation is to achieve heightened cost efficiencies in the plant, mitigation of costs accruing from miscellaneous activities traceable to the geographical factors. All these are aimed to the attainment of production efficiency

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

An exhaustive work breakdown structure should incorporate the entire outlay of activities and their time schedules. The attached template entail a WBS derived from the Microsoft Project Suit, 2007. It can be observed the fusion of timetables to processes and personnel and labor give a snapshot view of the whole programmed.

Information Needs: Key Stakeholder Groups

The key stakeholder groups are the architectural commission of the town. The town council authorities, the business community of both the two towns, concerned government agencies as the industrial supervisory board as well as the revenues and tax departs. Again, key amongst these include the contracted companies to avail machinery or expertise to the exercise. All these stakeholders have a role to play as parties evaluating, constructing, auditing or funding the project on an ongoing basis. Information channels that are structured in tandem with the project design shall have the greatest level of efficiency, applicability and adaptability.

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