Essay: Religious Environment in China

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Essay: Religious Environment in China

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There is tight control over Christianity and the Catholic Church among others is not allowed to operate freely. Only Christian churches identified as “legal” are allowed to operate easily and their preaching and sermons are moderated and even alleged to be modified now and then (The New Bishop of Beijing is Elected).

This clampdown on Christianity is compounded by the existence of a community characterized as “real-Catholic” which claims to be loyal to the pope and not to the state run churches that the pope does not approve of. It is alleged that not only does this help the ideological stance of atheism that is fostered by the communist part of China; it further helps to curtail any other means of mobilization for the people apart from the communist party, that could be used to harness rebellion against the authorities. Tibetan Buddhism is said to have suffered massively at Chinese hands as well. The government brings into effect quotas on the number of monks that may operate within certain regions so as to control the spread of spiritual teachings and monks whose teachings are not approved by the state are promptly removed. The government has even claimed the power to curtail the announcement of any new incarnation of a living Buddha, which is an important element of Tibetan Buddhism (MacCartney).

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