Essay: Religious education

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Essay: Religious education

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Most societies are associated with a certain religion that is dominant their place. Christianity is the most dominant religion in the western part of Europe but the other religions have their share of following. According to the Christian teaching, one is supposed to follow the teachings in the bible. There are Ten Commandments in the bible, which have to be followed to the letter.

One should always attend church service on the designated with many denominations believing that it should on Sunday but some worship on Saturdays. It is paramount importance to note that a true Christian should respect everybody in the community irrespective of age or gender. Though in the Old Testament women were not allowed, to lead in worshipping this was changed to engage the women folk fully into the church and now there are women church ministers. To become a Christian, one has to be baptized by the authorized person where one is dipped in water. This is believed to cleanse a Christian of his first sin that was committed by Adam and Eve. Christians believe that God should be given sacrifice, which is done in the form of offering. This is a sign of thanksgiving for the good things that God does to them. On 25 December of every year Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, which is considered as most important day in the Christian, calendar.

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