Essay: Relevance of the governmental theory by Michel Foucault

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Essay: Relevance of the governmental theory by Michel Foucault

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According to Foucault, governance entails guiding the family and the children besides including the problem that arise during the self-control. He further refers to the hierarchy of power from the top authority triggering down to the institutions such as schools (Foucault, 1997). Foucault govermentality theory focuses three references of governance that directly can be linked to the cyberbullying

First, the government needs to develop institutions that ensure that the citizen have an upright moral fibre. Such institutions produce citizens that shall not engage in vices or harm others but be responsible to each other. In such a situation the cases of cyberbullying will be not be present in the economy.

Secondly, the form of governance should ensures that over time, even though there have been vices in the society, the form of governance have been able to take control over them and ended them completely ensuring the cases of cyberbullying have ceased. This is an ideal form of governance since in most cases, cyberbullying is catalyzed by technological advancement, however, upon realization of this vice, the government them develops tools to control this vice and eradicate it completely.

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