Essay: Relationship between Nurse and Physicians

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Essay: Relationship between Nurse and Physicians

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They were rated on a four scale which included from strongly disagree, disagree, agree to strongly agree (Bogaert, 2009, 2177).the relationship between the nurse and the physicians was tested and the relationship between nurses and the management. These relationship are vital in determine g the satisfaction that a nurse will derive from the work he or she is doing. The interviewees were tested on “satisfaction with the current job (very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, satisfied, very satisfied), intention to stay in the current hospital within one year and intention to stay in nursing (yes, no) and apply for another job the last year (intensively, several times, minimal once, no)” (Bogaert, 2009, 2177). This was to gauge how the nurses felt about their work.

The ages of the respondents were between 21 and 59 while the years that they had worked at their current stations ranged from zero to 39 years. Majority of the respondents were women for they represented a percentage of 84. There were about 7% of respondents who were dissatisfied whereas 1.5% was strongly dissatisfied. On the other hand, 10% had intention of leaving the profession altogether as opposed to 3.5% who wanted to change their workstations. The quality offered by the nurses to the patients was rated as excellent by 16%, good by 61%, fair by 16% and poor by 3%. Two thirds of the respondents said that the quality of the medical care they were offering had deteriorated in the past year (Bogaert, 2009, 2179).

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