Essay: Relationship between Japanese and Whites of San Piedro

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Essay: Relationship between Japanese and Whites of San Piedro

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What starts to be confusing in this book is the fact that it is not about Kabuo’s murder case but it is more about the relationship between the Japanese and the whites of San Piedro. Here we are back to the year 1941 the month of December immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. All the civilians of San Piedro of Japanese decent and the Imadas gather nervously around their radios to get to know what happened.

Even Arthur Chambers, the editor of the San Piedro Review publishes an edition specifically for the war. In the edition, he writes an article about the safety measures of an air raid against San Piedro and that all the Japanese civilians of San Piedro had promised to be loyal to the United States of America. Arthur is of the opinion that German descent should be treated equally as the Japanese even though it is only the latter’s bank accounts, which have been disabled. Arthur is widely supported by those who are against racism but he also gets threats from some of his customers leading to the cancellation of some subscriptions, even Ishmael does not support his father’s opinion.

Come February the year 1942 and we meet two agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations when they visit the homes of the Imada and carry away all traditional regalia comprising of a bamboo flute and a kimono. Hisao is arrested for being in the possession of some dynamite and a shotgun, which are illegal according to the orders of the time of war. Hatsue is worried about the future of a her relationship with Ishmael and thinks it wont go far. That is why she says no to Ishmael’s marriage proposal. It is hear we find that Kabuo has accepted that he will definitely, be found guilty because the jury sees his looks as those of a remorseless and haughty criminal. He accepts to suffer for the people he killed when he was at war for the Americans.

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