Essay: Relationship between Japanese and Americans

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Essay: Relationship between Japanese and Americans

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“Seems like you’re favoring the Japs, art” page 319 in chapter 20

Here the whites show exactly that they hate the Japanese and that is evident on chapter 19 onwards. A hematologist by the name Dr. Sterling Whitman from Anacortes tells the court that the fishing gaff belonging to Kabuo had traces of human blood of type b positive although his blood group was O negative. What that testimony meant was that the gaff in question was the weapon used in the murder. On being cross-examined, by Kabuo’s lawyer, the blood specialist acknowledges that there is no skin, hair or bone splinters on the gaff although normally there could have been some those traces. Nels Gudmundsson argues that since of the Japanese population living on the island, 20% had blood group B positive thus, blood traces on the gaff could have come from anybody else. Another witness Victor Maples, a first sergeant in the army also testifies against Kabuo. He tells the court that the accused was so good at kendo such that instead of him teaching Kabuo, actually the opposite is true. He concludes by saying that the accused had the techniques to some one who is bigger and stronger than he is.

The story takes us to the year 1954, September 9, which is about nine days after the accused comes late to purchase Ole Jurgensen’s piece of land. Kabuo passes by Carl’s home where he finds his wife, Susan Marie and Kabuo decides to talk about the sale of the land with Carl. When Carl comes back to the house she tells his wife about the conversation about the land sale, where he says he is not sure of what to do since it “seems like you’re favoring the Japs, art”

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