Essay: A Reflection on the history of education

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Essay: A Reflection on the history of education

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In the contemporary world today, it is evident that education practice is growing drastically. Indeed, there is a remarkable novelty in the education sector. This is important and an inventible thing to any body of knowledge. This will be illustrated further in the course of this study. Education is meant to address the contemporary issues of the people so that they might improve their livelihoods. In this regard, changes in the education system suffice so that they can match the needs of the present time. For example, knowledge that is not useful now but was useful in the past is as good as useless. This is the point stressed above. The dictum that education is the key to success and prosperity in life is a real expression of the value of education in the human history.

This paper therefore seeks to give a reflection on the history of education and its modalities since time immemorial. In this regard, a study of how education practice has evolved will also be considered. At length, the contributions of Judaic-biblical and rabbinic tradition to educational thought and practice will also be considered. In addition, a critical reflection of the key concepts and the authors view concerning them will be elucidated, again at length. In general, a synthesis will be developed between the pedagogical modalities as evident in Judaism; or better still, during the traditional and/or classical times and the contemporary education system as experienced today.

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