Essay: Reconstruction of the American Society

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Essay: Reconstruction of the American Society

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Between 1865 and 1876 is the time the Americans gained their conscious and become focused. Among the northerners, it was during this time that there was decided to forget their differences and victory over the southerners and decided to move forward through the process of Reconstruction. Reconstruction involved expansion of industries and the economy at large bringing a new image of American society. Reconstruction involved Reconstruction Amendment that focused expansion of rights among the black Americans.

The Thirteen Amendments is among the most popular amendment during this era and this banned any form of slavery. There was also the Fourteen Amendment that made all the people within US to be US citizens through naturalization or birth. There was also the Fifteen Amendment that allowed all the US men to vote regardless of their race or ethnical background. The `1875 civil rights act prohibited discrimination of the black against the black codes especially in reference to the public amenities. The black codes were legal discrimination acts that forbade the black Americans from exploiting some privileges (Joiner, 2005).

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