Essay: Are rebates successful

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Essay: Are rebates successful

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Rebates play a critical role in this era where technological innovations have made the world a global village.  It is imperative to note that the rebates affect both the consumers and firms positively and negatively.  The integration of the world economy has changed the functions of rebates significantly in response to the traditional role of rebates. The traditional role was only market penetration, however, presently; their major role involves having a sustainable market share in the long run even after discounting the rebates.  This present function has called for custom-made rebate programs that need to categorically planned and implemented. It is through planning effective rebates programs that ensures the clients and the companies’ benefit, a role that marketing director must achieve since this can be used to evaluate their performance.

To both the clients and the firms, rebates play a crucial role transforming the markets by acting as a channel penetrate markets and prevail over the entry barriers. Nevertheless, the rebates can also hinder market transformation. They affect the market forces thereby making the manufacturers and clients to react indolently to changes in the markets; this directly affects both the companies’ and consumers.  Irrespective of the quality of new product introduced in a market, this can result to delayed acceptance of a quality product in the market. This affects both producers and buyers negatively. In this business report paper, the marketing director evaluates how successful rebates are and what are their advantages and disadvantages to the company and the customer.  In a nutshell, this business report paper focuses on the attributes and drawbacks of rebates in market transformation that can enable matching of the market characteristics and incentives in the product quantities

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