Essay: Reasons Opposing Cohabitation

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Essay: Reasons Opposing Cohabitation

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There are a number of reasons that oppose cohabitation, first, it results to premarital sex and there is a likelihood that incase one has sex before marriage, then there are higher chance of having extramarital affairs. This is because there is no guarantee that the premarital sexual partner will not be partner to marry you. This makes it very dangerous especially in this era where Aids remains incurable. More so, marriage is a contract between two people and cases of infidelity are likely to result to divorce. According to Parrott:

In a study of more than 1,000 people, it was discovered that women who have cohabitated before marriage are 3.3 times likely to have secondary sexual partner after marriage. The same study found that married women are five times less likely to have a secondary sex partner than cohabiting women and that cohabiting relationships appear to be more similar to dating relationships than to marriage (Parrott 112).

The reason for this conclusion is that one is likely to change the sexual attitudes before and after marriage hence increasing the chances of cheating marriage. This makes a cohabitation to be considered a bad practice.

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