Essay: Reasons for Cohabitation

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Essay: Reasons for Cohabitation

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Another reason for cohabitation is due to the ability to establish it and dissolve it without much cost as associated with divorce.  It is of paramount importance to note that in some legal framework in some countries, in case a cohabitation results to a birth of a child, the couple stays together for a certain length of time or whether the two couple cohabitating has satisfactorily behaved like man and wife, then they are considered to be married.  Further, in Canada, though polygamy is not legalized, the Saskatchewan Family Property Act allows married persons to cohabitate with other singles or married persons too.

There main reason why cohabitation is supported is due to the discrimination associated with the divorce laws that are biased against the men. The family law and the divorce law require the man to provide for the woman and children in case of divorce. More so, the divorce law establishes marriage as a union in which the man takes the responsibility to cater for a woman incase of divorce. The Men’s and Father’s Rights Movement and Men’s Rights Activists support cohabitation since in case of a divorce, the divorce law favors the woman in reference to the property allocated and to be the custodian of the children. The biasness of these laws acts as a catalyst for divorces since majority of the divorce cases are initiated by women. In view of the above, the men prefer to cohabitate and not to marry unless the family and divorce laws are amended as supported by the Men’s and Father’s Rights Movement and Men’s Rights Activists.

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