Essay: Is it Reasonable to Terminate the life of an Embryo

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Essay: Is it Reasonable to Terminate the life of an Embryo

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Viability is a standard that can be used to regard fetuses as human beings. Under this standard, the fetus is decided on the circumstances in which it can be allowed to live outside the womb of its mother. If under this circumstances, in which the egg and sperm will fertilize externally, the life of the fetus is viable and therefore there are no justifications to terminate it.  A life is a life irrespective of however the life belongs to. This implies that the life of the fetus should also be considered as a life and thus should not be terminated whatsoever.

Is it reasonable to terminate the life of an embryo irrespective pf the circumstances? Can one prove that there are lives that can be termed as being better than others are? It is true that the life that calls for Embryonic Stem Cell Research is in danger since it is done to cure diseases. The other life, which has to suffer death, is that of an innocent embryo who might have grown to a very productive person in the society. Can it thus be proved without reasonable doubts that the life terminated ought to have been terminated? It is obvious that there is no way that life termination can be moral. Even the person’s conscience cannot support such an act and thus it is better that other method of curing the diseases sought to be cured are devised.

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