Essay: Reality in Death of a Salesman

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Essay: Reality in Death of a Salesman

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Fear of the unknown makes the protagonist deviate from the present and reality which is needed by the protagonist to achieve his long desired success.  However, the reality is that those days, which the protagonists attempts to revive, are gone and the only best thing he could have done was embrace the present, create a brighter future and do away with the past. This problem of illusion is what led to Willy’s ruin and later to his death. He even reached a point where he believed that a person is better off dead than alive. His friend Charlie is seen attempting to revive him from illusion to reality to no avail. Willy had sunk too deep in his illusions to be rescued. Charlie always attempted reminded him that there is no worth in a dead man and tried to hammer reality into his thoughts. He longed for the day his long time friend and neighbor would come back to the real world, a wish that never happened.

The reason why the protagonist cannot achieve success which he desires is the sense of conservativeness. This is that Willy is presented as a conservative person who is not willing to embrace the modern technology. In fact, he is described as “a man lost in the modern era of technology” (Kennedy and Dana 1242), this means that instead of embracing the present changing world he is rooted to the past era. An example of this from the play is whereby he is wondering as on how “it is possible to whip cheese” (Kennedy and Dana 1242). To him, this is impossible and he is used to the traditional way of chopping it. He even refuses to embrace change brought about by the development of technology.

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