Essay: Raising Children

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Essay: Raising Children

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Parents should always strive as much as they can to show their children that they love one another, as this will define the kind of life they will live as grownups. As a kid, I would hate to be brought up by a drunkard or an abusive father or mother since this is one thing that I would love to hate. A child who grows up in such an environment, which has no love, will not be in a position to love anybody in his or her future life. Imagine watching your mother being bloodied or getting a broken nose from your father. It is well known that it is difficult to erase the memories of a small child. This is because a child’s brain is like a blank page of a book that is ready to be written on, and anything that is written there is difficult to erase. The society might regard a kid as a social misfit for the simple fact that what they are doing is out of the norm in the society. As much as I would love to be raised in a family where there is a mother and father, it is as much important to note that, that home should be the best place that any kid would like to be in. It has been said repeatedly that east or west home is the best, but a violent home would not be the best place any child would love.

The people who live in this island are from a mixture of four cultures namely Spanish, the recent North Americans, Africans from slavery and the Amerindians known as Taino. The culture inherited from the Africans is that of plena and bomba which is a type of dance and music with is done with maracas and percussions. The Amerindians have come up with a number of names for the musical instruments, foods and municipalities. From the culture of the Spanish, they have inherited the moral and cultural traditions and values, the catholic religion and the Spanish language. From the North Americans who have just migrated to the island, the people have inherited the English language, holiday’s practices and the system of university schooling.

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