Essay: Radical Thinking of the North

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Essay: Radical Thinking of the North

For radically thinking industrial north, this traditional view was not acceptable. The freedom the north was offering third class citizens like slaves, labourers and women completely disobeyed God’s command[1]. Moreover, the freedom offered by the government was accepted by republicans as a cause for slaves to rebel and intimidate whites as they support emancipation[2].

Additionally the equal rights also made it possible for slaves to work and live among whites as free citizens. This also added to the morbid idea that women too could gain the power to vote and raise their voices in political, social or family systems. The southerners worked hard at having their petitions tabled to suppress the promotion of these institutions by the government. The southern upper class were also threatened by the emergence of protective tariffs in 1828 by congress[3]. These tariffs raised duties for all imported raw materials and manufactured goods as a means to encourage the development of domestic economy and industry. The irony of the bourgeoisies of the southerners was that they had once supported the idea of protective tariffs as a means to promote industrial growth in Dixie.

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