Essay: Racism in Coming of Age in Mississippi

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Essay: Racism in Coming of Age in Mississippi

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Overwhelming racism orchestrated by white supremacists penetrated the community of the blacks. Moody witnessed terrible racial prejudices that lead to the killing of Emmet Till a week before she joined high school. He was killed for merely whistling at a white woman. According to Moody’s translation, Till was killed because he was black and the blacks didn’t have full rights to live like the whites. She became interested in civil rights advocacy.

Moody got boldly involved in heightened activism to an extent that she was present during the famous ‘I have a dream’ speech by Martin Luther to whom she developed a close professional relationship with. While in high school she learns of and joins National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP), an organisation that she overheard sought to improve the conditions of the blacks. This didn’t auger well with her mother who stood opposed to her acts and even sent her a letter stained with dry tears to persuade her to stop her involvement with NAACP since she feared that she might never be able to return home. Initially when her cousin was run out of town her mother got angry when she asked her about it and she just didn’t talk to her.

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