Essay: Racial Discrimination in San Francisco

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Essay: Racial Discrimination in San Francisco

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All this goes a long way towards elucidating how much racial discrimination still pervades in the city of San Francisco. The number of lawsuits against companies and the amazing statistics with regards to the economic dealing with African Americans speaks volumes of how much of a social evil discrimination still is.

There is however the brighter side. Since we are now aware of these incidents, it helps show how more and more cases are coming into the limelight and being dealt with severely. The success of the lawsuits brought against Walmart and the ongoing pursuit of the NCAAP with regards to Well’s Fargo in California shows that at least this social evil is not being accepted and there is a significant crackdown on it by the authorities (Goodhue). We can thus hope for a better future as more stringent action is taken against perpetrators.

Speaking from the point of numbers, we see that overall cases of discrimination have been dropping in the country. InSan Francisco, the issue of racial and sexual discrimination has been taken up vociferously and although the numbers that abound may be higher than other parts of the country, they are steadily decreasing through swift enforcement which shows the commitment of the authorities and speaks of a brighter future. Only gender discrimination in the city was comparably less to some parts of the country.

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